We're JM-APPLIED, in the generation of promoting green transportation and pursuing low-carbon life, our team combines environmental science, electronics, and chemical technology to launch a compre...

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Operating Experience

JM-Applied's designer has a semiconductor plant for more than 10 years for operational experience, and we still keep going. JM-Applied constant pursuit of technology, to catch up with the semicond...

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Detector system planning, equipment manufacturing, improvement works, plumbing pipes, expansion project and other case ... Since 2012, we are affirmed continuously, and in the Nanya of Formosa Plastic...

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Product Certification

We strive to provide our customers with advanced products and services that meet and even exceed their expectations.  In order to achieve this, We are committed to continuous improvement the ...

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New Technologies

Technology would be so booming and semiconductor industry now be so mature because of constant progress. All actions and strategies are set up on the basis of technological innovat...

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